A fly fishing adventure The Villa Himalaya

Sonamarg is known for its mild climate, epic scenery and its long winding river. Combine the three and you have a perfect fishing spot. The Sindh River is a great trout bastion that has glorious pools and a fast flowing nature that provides the best fly fishing. The Trout fishing experience tour is managed by The Villa Himalaya hotel on the Sindh River where they insure you to have the best chance of reeling in a fish. Whether you are an experienced fly fisherman or a complete novice, you will find fly fishing both a delight and a challenge. Amongst the exquisite scenery of this lush region, anglers of any skill will enjoy this experience. Both Rainbow and Brown trout frequent these waters and disappointments are rare. The abundance of wild trout in the Sindh River is incomparable. The wilderness section of the upper river, with its cold, clear natural pools and runs, provides an opportunity to get into some of Sonamarg’s backcountry where you learn about a process and a sport that for the most of us is almost a form of meditation at times. Hotels in sonamarg - www.thevillahimalaya.com


The grill is fired up and the chairs are set for a memorable experience in the valley of Sonamarg where a family get together or a friendly reunion finds you under the stars.
Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life without compromise on comfort or luxury. Seek refuge in the countryside where a remote, peaceful and intimate hideaway awaits. Unplug from phones and computers, and instead toast BBQ over the crackling fire, play a board game, read stories by lantern light, or simply relax and enjoy the outstanding panoramic views of Sonamarg – the sun-kissed mountain resort of Kashmir. Experience the excitement of a village stay without having to worry about packing or setting up all of the required equipment. This ready holiday has all home luxuries including an en suite bathroom, and sumptuous feasts. It’s hard to imagine a better place to relax, unwind, and recharge your batteries. From this luxury accommodation in the wooded wonderland you’ll hardly want to step outside, but nearby hiking and bike trails, fishing holes, and the Indian Himalayas wait.
Just a 90 minute ride from the city, Sonamarg will be your hub for the next three nights. The resort rests on the banks of the Sindh River, tucked away besides a village surrounded by forests and rugged mountain peaks. The next day you’ll pack a picnic lunch and head out with your private guide to explore the native villages or a forest deep in the valley hiking on favourite local trails, or do whatever else you and your guide can come up with. Trust us—the options are too many to list! Your final day is yours to spend relaxing at your leisure. The Villa Himalaya was launched in Sonamarg in 2014 based on the idea that luxury seeking travelers can be comfortable and rugged at the same time. https://tinyurl.com/y7g3rkek


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